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1-Click Affiliate Site Review: Does It Make Automatic Commissions + My Special Bonuses

1-Click Affiliate Site

$9.95 per month








  • Launch a fully automated affiliate site in 60 seconds
  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Helps you build a list


  • Can't add non-review style content to your site
  • Products are pre-selected for you

Have you considered launching your own affiliate blog? Then you’ve probably seen just how much work is involved.


Launching a new website, especially an affiliate review site, from the ground up requires an enormous amount of effort and technical knowledge.


And that is before you even get to the hard part of writing fresh content daily or weekly to ensure that your site stays updated.


So today, I’m introducing a new product, 1-Click Affiliate Site, that promises to do all of the heavy lifting for you.


With its ability to create new affiliate review sites fast, it provides a way for you to earn affiliate commissions without ever having to install a copy of WordPress. There’s no technical knowledge required and you can start promoting affiliate offers in as little as 60 seconds.


Here’s what I’m going to cover in this 1-Click Affiliate Site review:



What is 1-Click Affiliate Site?


1clickaffiliatesite login
1-Click Affiliate Site login screen to access your affiliate review site and admin panel


This product is the creation of Ankur Shukla, a super affiliate and top-selling product creator. It’s a software that allows you to launch an affiliate review site so that you can earn affiliate commissions from promoting digital products that are available on Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warriorplus.


example affiliate review site
Here’s a real example of an affiliate review site launched by 1-Click Affiliate Site


Affiliate review sites like the ones created by 1-Click Affiliate Site (shown above) are used by all of the gurus to attract sales as soon as new top-selling products launch on these affiliate platforms. Up to now, the only way that an ordinary person could get in on this action was to build their own affiliate review site from scratch using WordPress.


1clickaffiliatesite admin dashboard
Just enter your affiliate IDs and your site is ready to launch in 60 seconds


1-Click Affiliate Site takes all of the hard work out of building affiliate review sites and allows users to launch their new affiliate blog without having to purchase a domain, pay for hosting, write review content, or even select products. It’s all done for you in a neat little package that is designed to ensure your success and earn you your first commissions online.


Who Is 1-Click Affiliate Site Meant For?

1-Click Affiliate Site is perfect for newbies who are looking to earn affiliate commissions. As I mentioned before, all of the top internet marketing gurus have their own blogs where they promote affiliate products so it’s a proven business model.


If you already have some experience with making money online, 1-Click Affiliate Site will simply allow you to open up a new stream of passive income without a lot of effort.


What Is Included in 1-Click Affiliate Site?

When you purchase 1-Click Affiliate Site base product, you’ll get:

  • An Instant Done-for-you Affiliate Site
  • Your Site Pre-loaded With 30 Product Reviews
  • Images, Videos, Product Demos for Each Review
  • Reviews of Top-selling Offers from Clickbank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus
  • Select the review articles that you want to show/hide on your site
  • Fully Secure HTTPS affiliate review site
  • Turn keywords into affiliate links across your entire review site
  • Related product recommendations on every review article
  • Banner advertising to increase revenue from your site
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Mobile-friendly Affiliate Review Site
  • Admin Dashboard


All you have to do is insert your Affiliate ID and your site will be launched and ready to earn. There are also a number of upgrades available with this software which I have described here.


1-Click Affiliate Site DEMO

Here is the 1-Click Affiliate Site Demo video so that you can see this system in action:


1-Click Affiliate Site Pricing


The base price is $9.95 per month. You’ll have access to your affiliate review site and continue to earn commissions as long as you pay the monthly fee. If you stop paying, you will lose access to your site and your affiliate links will be removed.


Click here to view the upgrade options.




Here’s Why I Think You’ll Love 1-Click Affiliate Site


Best Feature #1:

No Setup Required: It’s not every day that you come across a system where everything is done-for-you with a low entry fee. 1-Click Affiliate Site has met the mark by making creating an affiliate review site a no-brainer option for people who want to earn easy commissions online.


Best Feature #2:

Low-entry Cost: When you do the math, the amount that you pay to access the system each month works out to about the same amount that you would pay for just a domain and hosting (and you’d still be left to do all of the setup work). You also get the site optimization and traffic sent on auto-pilot so that your site ranks in Google from the very start.


Best Feature #3:

Automatic Updates: With new products being added to the affiliate marketplaces all of the time, you’ll be one of the first to promote them, which increases your chances of collecting some of those early-bird commissions.





1-Click Affiliate Site Upgrades


One-time Offer #1: 1-Click Affiliate Site PRO Upgrade ($37.00 per month)


This PRO Upgrade delivers 10 fresh pre-written affiliate reviews to your affiliate review site each month. By purchasing this upgrade, you’ll get access to high quality new content which will help you to maximize your affiliate earnings.


One-time Offer #2: 1-Click Affiliate Site Traffic and Leads Upgrade ($47.00 One-time)


Get extra traffic and leads sent to your affiliate review site. This traffic package is designed to help you boost your earnings from this system.


One-time Offer #3: 1-Click Affiliate Site Promo Emails Package ($37.00 One-time)

The promo emails package gives you ready-made emails that you can use to promote the affiliate offers on your site. You can use these promo email ads as solo ad copy or to send directly to your email list.


One-time Offer #4: 1-Click Affiliate Site – Reseller License ($197.00 One-time)


This upgrade will give you the opportunity to resell 1-Click Affiliate Site and earn 100% commissions. That means that you can add a 1-Click Affiliate Site banner to your new affiliate review site and earn all of the commissions from the sales instead of only a portion of each sale!


One-time Offer #5: 1-Click Affiliate Site – Agency License ($97.00 One-time)


The 1-Click Affiliate Site Agency License gives you permission to launch affiliate review websites for clients. You’ll get all of the benefits of using the system including complete site management, while being able to charge monthly fees to clients for building affiliate review sites for them.


What I Don’t Like About 1-Click Affiliate Site

There are a few 1-Click Affiliate site cons that you should be aware of:


Bad Part #1:

The offers are selected for you. If you decide that there are some products or services that you don’t want to review or sell on your website, there’s nothing you can do except take those reviews down. Therefore, if you’re a person who likes to hand-pick products to promote on your affiliate review blog, like me, you may find that you won’t be able to use all of the reviews that were pre-loaded onto your affiliate review site.


Bad Part #2

You can’t review the products yourself. While you are certainly free to contact the owners of the products for a review copy, you’ll just have to take the product owner’s word for it that the products are worth it. However, given the high sales and low refunds associated with top-selling products on Clickbank, WarriorPlus, and JVZoo, you shouldn’t have to worry about this too much.


Bad Part #3

You can’t add non-review content. If you decide that you want to make your affiliate review site more unique by adding a few blog posts of your own that are not reviews, you’re on your own. While 1-Click Affiliate Site is excellent at creating fully functional review sites, it’s not a replacement for building a blog with your own personal brand.


Everything Else You Need to Know About 1-Click Affiliate Site


How is their support?

The support is great. All of my questions about this product were answered promptly. If you need help, Ankur is available via Facebook, Skype, and email to assist you.


Do I need my own domain name?

No, you do not. This is a complete done-for-you system which means that the domain name and hosting are already included. All you’ll need to do is update the site with your affiliate links (by just copying your affiliate ID one-time into a field in the admin dashboard) so that you can collect the commissions your site generates.


Do I need to install WordPress / Is it a plugin?


No, 1-Click Affiliate Site is based on WordPress but you don’t have to do any WordPress installation or install any plugins. They manage everything and will run your new website for you.


Can it build an entire website?

Yes, it builds an entire site from the ground up including the installation of WordPress and adding site content. All of your posts will have your author bio along with social sharing links. Visitors will be able to leave reviews, testimonials, and comments on all products listed on your site. With the 1-Click Affiliate Site upgrades, you can even have backlinks automatically built for your site to improve the site’s SEO as it grows.


How many sales can I make from my 1-Click Affiliate Site?

There’s no limit to the number of sales that you can make. You can sell unlimited copies of every product on your review site to customers. When you purchase the PRO upgrade that adds new products to your website, you’ll be increasing your revenue potential every single month.


Can I submit my own review articles?


Yes, 1-Click Affiliate Site allows you to send in high-quality reviews about Clickbank, Warriorplus, or JVZoo products and they’ll add them to your affiliate review website.


What are the basic requirements to get started?


All you need to do is purchase a subscription to 1-Click Affiliate site. Then you’ll enter your affiliate IDs from Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warriorplus into the system. Your new affiliate review site will be generated in 60 seconds and you’ll be ready to start earning.


Is 1-Click Affiliate Site Worth It?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to get the ball rolling on launching an affiliate review site, 1-Click Affiliate Site is an easy done-for-you solution. It takes the hard work out of creating review sites so that you can create a passive stream of income.


If you lack technical knowledge or simply don’t have the time and money to put into building your own website, 1-Click Affiliate Site offers a fast way to get started with affiliate blogging.


buy now button, buy



but wait theres more, bonuses

My 1-Click Affiliate Site Bonuses

Did my 1-Click Affiliate Site review make you want to try this software? If you decide to buy it today, my exclusive bonuses are yours to keep.


Here is what you’ll get:



Bonus #1: The Blueprint to Safelist Profits – This is my exclusive safelist
marketing guide that teaches you how to promote your new affiliate review site
with free traffic from safelists.


Bonus #2: Top 10 Targeted Traffic Sources – These are the top traffic sources to
use in 2019. The guide also provides tips on where to find the best training and
traffic software.



Bonus #3: Best Affiliate Programs to Join – Find out the best affiliate programs
to make money online.


These bonuses are in addition to the bonuses offered on the sales page by the vendor for this product. Get access to the plugins used by 1-Click Affiliate Site to build your own WordPress blogs:


Bonus #4: WP Video Ace – Create completely customized video players with
conversion-boosting engagement triggers in less than 60 seconds and embed them
anywhere on your site.


Bonus #5: WP Social Traffic (Reseller’s License) – Fully AUTOMATED Traffic from
Facebook to any WordPress site. Post a review of this product on your new
affiliate review site and earn 100% commissions.


Bonus #6: WP IM Marketing Graphics – This plugin allows you to instantly add
high quality marketing graphics to your WordPress site.


Bonus #7: WP Review Me – This plugin will allow you to add reviews to your new
affiliate review site which will provide social proof to skyrocket your


Bonus #8: WP Reports Plugin – Want to see detailed reports on how your content
is doing? Install this plugin to see post and comment activity for every visitor
to your site.



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