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5 Ways to Make Money From Your Safelist Email Inbox

When you join safelists and viral mailers, you tend to get a lot of emails. Unfortunately, most safelist members just think of their safelist email inbox or safelist email address as a dumping ground. What they don’t realize is that there are actually ways to make money from your safelist inbox.


If you want to make the most from safelist marketing, don’t delete those valuable emails just yet! Here are 5 ways to make money from your safelist email inbox:


1. Look for New Program Launches


Since almost every safelist or viral mailer requires you to use a Gmail address in order to sign up, why not put Gmail’s features to good use? The first way to make money from your safelist email address is by using the emails that you receive to identify new program launches.


Here are the signs that a new program has just launched:


  • You’re receiving a flood of emails back to back with the same subject line or talks about the same program.
  • The emails contain words like “just launched” or “new program”


So now that you know how to identify new programs that have just launched, just set up a Gmail filter for these phrases.


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By doing this you’ll be able to identify faster when a new program or website has launched so that you can get in early.


Remember, the early birds get the most referrals and have the potential to earn the most commissions with the least amount of work!


2. Look for Free Credits / JV Upgrades


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In order to attract new members, a lot of safelist owners regularly give away promo codes for mailer credits or free account upgrades. These free giveaways aren’t always mentioned on their website. Instead, they will just send out a solo ad to all of their members announcing the new promo codes.


If you collect these free promo codes, you’ll be able to mail on your favorite safelists for free. In fact, I make a point of collecting these safelist codes as I find them for my favorite high converting mailers here:



You can also find additional safelist promo codes at Traffic Codex, another site ran by Darren Olander, which keeps track of safelist and traffic exchange promo codes and helps you build your downline at the same time.




3. Use Your Upline Sponsor to Figure Out What to Promote


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In the same way that you can find new program launches, your safelist email inbox can also help you figure out what to promote. You can easily see what’s making money right now just by checking to see what your upline sponsors are promoting.


They might send you direct emails to your safelist email address to invite you to join another program when you sign up under them at the safelist. Additionally, your upline sponsors are often the ones who are sending out multi-site solo ads, which are paid advertisements. They are most often used by upgraded members as supposed to the single safelist site credit mails that free members send.


So make sure that you pay attention to any emails that you receive from your upline sponsors because they wouldn’t be spending money to send paid solo ads or emailing you to invite you to a program if there wasn’t any money to be made from it!


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4. Earn Enough Credits to Mail the Entire List


On most safelist sites, your site inbox will include only the most recent credit emails. However, if you save all of the safelist credit emails that are emailed to your safelist email address instead of deleting them, you might just have enough credit emails to mail the entire list! Then all you have to do is click through for about 15 minutes to earn the credits you need.


By saving your credit emails from your favorite safelists, you can save a lot of money on safelists where it may cost around $20 or more to purchase a solo ad to the entire list.


Hint: Some safelists put an expiry date on older credit emails. However, the majority don’t so you can still earn safelist mailing credits from emails that you received months ago!


5. Improve Your Email Marketing




Lastly, your safelist email address inbox is a goldmine when it comes to figuring out how to get people to open your emails! You can figure out which headlines get the most opens simply by paying attention to the ones that attract your attention the most and make you want to click on them.


Another sign that a headline works to get email opens is that you keep seeing the same emails being mailed out over and over but with very slight variations on the headline. So don’t ignore these emails. Instead, you should try putting some of their tactics to good use to see if you can improve your own clickthrough rates.


Finally, safelists are the perfect place to get your feet wet with email marketing and solo ad advertising. As you become more skilled at getting people to sign up for your programs from free safelists, you’ll be ready to take it to the next step and start with paid solo ad advertising!


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Final Tips


Finally, I would just like to add that the advice I provided here doesn’t only apply to safelists and viral mailers. In fact, many traffic exchanges offer solo ads and send out the same types of mailings as safelists. So make sure that you are saving the emails that you receive from traffic exchanges as well.


Keep in mind that these strategies won’t work if you’re only a member of a few traffic exchanges or safelists. You need to join a lot of them for the best results. I recommend that you start with the sites on my promo code page because those are the ones that I’ve personally found to be the highest converting safelists.


Over time, you’ll be able to get a complete bird’s eye view of how to advertise on safelists and traffic exchanges so that you can use them as effectively as possible.

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