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6 Ways to Get Instant Exposure for Your Blog Posts

Ever wonder how some people write a blog post and immediately see returns from it? The reason is because they use instant exposure techniques to bring the traffic to their blog posts.


While SEO is highly effective, if you’re just starting out, you probably don’t want to have to wait several months to start seeing traffic to your blog. AdWords and other search engine marketing methods are useful for driving traffic to specific offers but are too expensive and difficult to make profitable if you’re trying to drive converting traffic to a specific blog post.


Plus, you pretty much need to start making sales immediately from your content if you want to stay in business.


So how do you make this work?


To help you get started, here are 6 unique ways to get instant exposure for your blog posts that are guaranteed to bring you shares and even sales right away.


1. Google Alerts


google alerts


Google Alerts is a free tool offered by Google that you can use to get exposure for your blog posts.


You can get new alerts added to a spreadsheet or sent to you via email when they happen.


Google Alerts will allow you to comment on new content as soon as it’s published online so that you can join an active conversation about the post. In addition, commenting on posts that you received alerts about can lead to instant sales on popular blogs, posts almost always get the most attention from commentors as soon as they are published.


Set up some Google Alerts for keywords that are related to your blog. Then, once you receive some alerts, join the conversation in the comments and position yourself as an expert. Share your blog post and get some free traffic back to your blog.


2. BuzzBundle


buzzbundle dashboard, buzzbundle


BuzzBundle is like Google Alerts, except that it also includes social media sites and allows you to store all of your social media profiles. With BuzzBundle you can receive alerts about new content as it is published to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


That way no matter where new content is published, you can always chime in as the expert and share your opinions with your target audience. Once you position yourself as an expert, share your blog post that is related to the conversation and you’ll see a spike in your blog traffic right away.


3. Q&A Sites


quora answer, quora question, quora


Question and answer sites like Quora are sites that people turn to when they are looking for fast answers to their questions. Often people who are looking to buy something frequent these types of sites because they are looking for answers to questions they have about a product or service right before they plan to buy it.


These sites offer a great place to share your review blog posts or how-to posts. Simply answer the person’s question on the Q&A site and link back to your blog where you will provide a more in-depth answer to their question if they’re interested.


4. Solo Ads


udimi, udimi logo


Although you might think of solo ads as a way to get instant sales and build your email list, they’re also a great way to get exposure for your blog posts.


You can find solo ads to buy on sites like Udimi which offers solo ads starting at around $25 for 100 clicks (prices vary depending on the seller).


After sending visitors to your initial offer, when you follow up with your subscribers, make sure that the link to your blog is always in your email signature. You can even add a hyperlink to your latest or most popular post to send traffic to your blog.


This way your solo ads have the potential to make you sales and increase traffic and shares for your blog posts.


That said, never run a solo ad and use your blog post as the page for the offer that you promote. ALWAYS use an opt-in page. That way you can maximize the number of signups from the clicks that you purchased and send them to your blog later on.


5. YouTube


youtube logo, youtube


YouTube is one of the best places to get traffic online.




Consider these statistics:


YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook.


In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube.


On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or CABLE TV network.


The time people spend watching YouTube on their TV has more than doubled in the last year.


Even if you aren’t able attract a huge audience, making a video version of your blog posts and adding them to YouTube can bring in even more traffic to your blog.


This traffic will also come from people who probably wouldn’t have consumed your content in text format but still want the opportunity to benefit from the quality information that you provide.


You can easily create a video version of your posts simply by summarizing your articles and sharing the key points in a video. Use Fiverr to make the information visually interesting.


Make sure to link to the full blog post in the description of your video on YouTube if your article contains additional information that would make the YouTube video too long to watch.


6. Influencers


buzzsumo, how to find influencers, social media influencers, how to find top bloggers


Influencers are the key people in your niche that others look to as the experts. These people earned their places as influencers because they are able to identify trends and only share the highest quality content with their followers. As a result, these are the people that you want to get exposure from if you’re a blogger and you want to grow your audience.


Influencers aren’t hard to find if you know where to look. However, you don’t simply want the people who have the most followers, you want people who have followers that are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.


So how do you find influencers?


You can find influencers by using a tool called BuzzSumo. This tool tracks the most popular pieces of content online and tells you how many times it’s been shared via social media on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Start your research by entering a keyword related to your niche to see which influencers shared a piece of content.


Once you build a list of influencers using BuzzSumo, you can then reach out to these people to ask them if they would be willing to share your post with their audience.


Two easy ways to attract their attention is by mentioning the influencer in your post or by writing a response or critique to a popular piece that the influencer wrote and share it with them.


Be creative. Getting attention from the right influencer has the potential to make your blog go viral and earn you tons of traffic!

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  • Very interesting post – thanks for sharing. You have brought up some very interesting ideas in your post that are not common in other people’s blogs. In particular, YouTube and Buzzsumo are 2 great ideas that I will look to use in my own blog.

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