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Best Practices for Building Your Own High-Converting Landing Pages

Have you been trying to build your own landing pages but you’re not sure where to start?


The main reason a lot of people have trouble creating their own landing pages is because they don’t know how to design or code one. In addition, what content should go on a landing page so that it actually appeals to your audience?


If you need a bit of help in redesigning your landing pages, here are my best practices for creating a landing page that converts.


Write Compelling Headlines and Content


The content of your landing page is often the easiest part to figure out because all you really need to do is write down the reason why visitors need or will want your products and services.


1. Adding bullet points that convey the benefits they will receive is a very effective conversion method.


2. Make the language personal so that it lowers their resistance to your offer and they will take the action intended by your landing page.


3. Include special effects when creating the content such as bold or italic text and larger fonts. That will make reading the landing page easier and more interesting.


4. Don’t give away too much information because people reading it will get bored easily. Just give them enough information to get them to want to sign up.


Use Video


If writing seems too overwhelming, you might want to create a video to highlight the content of your landing page in video format. Write a headline that presents the video and then the rest of the information that you want to share can be in the video.


Make sure to end the video with a call to action to signup or take some action on your landing page so that you don’t leave your audience hanging once the video has ended. If you need help with creating a video for your landing page, Fiverr has a ton of gigs that will allow you to hire someone to read your video message.


fiverr video spokesperson, fiverr gigs


Check out these gigs at the link below:


Use Images


Make internet marketers use a combination of text, video, and images to draw in their audience. If you use a landing page builder like Leadpages or Instapages, you’ll instantly have access to stock photos that you can use to create beautiful landing pages.


Use a Landing Page Builder


Building landing pages from scratch these days is really not recommended. In fact, if you want to figure out which landing pages convert the best, you really need to use a landing page builder so that you can track how people interact with your landing page and split-test different versions of the page with your audience.


Here are three services that I highly recommend for building landing pages quickly:


1. LeadPages


leadpages templates, leadpages



Leadpages makes it easy for you to build landing pages quickly with 130+ templates that have been tested for their conversion rate. Leadpages even ranks the templates by how well they convert. You’ll get access to A/B testing, reports and dashboard, mobile optimization, heat maps, a WYSIWYG editor, audience targeting, and more.




2. Instapage



Instapage provides you with all of the tools that you need to create landing pages, including pre-built customizable templates. The drag and drop design is easy for people who don’t know code, but it also allows coding options for those who do. It has 200+ customizable, conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive templates. You’ll also have access to a rich library of over 33 million stock images with Bigstock.




3. GetResponse


getresponse landing pages


GetResponse is best known as an email marketing tool but did you know that it also has a built-in landing page builder. This tool is really easy to use and features a drag and drop editor along with mobile optimization tools.


Since it is built into the GetResponse subscription when you sign up for a GetResponse account, you’ll already have access to this tool. Using this tool will also save you time in connecting your autoresponder because your landing pages will already be connected to your email marketing campaigns.



With these tools you should be able to start building landing pages in just a few minutes.


What other tips do you have for building landing pages? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Wow, some great tips here! The It’s definitely worth putting more time and effort into your landing page as it’s key to getting people to sign up.

  • Just the information I’m looking for. I’m about to start my affiliate marketing career. For the past week I’ve been on Google trying to do some research on how to create landing pages. It was all Greek to me, to tell you the truth. Your article has simplified things and made the process understandable.

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