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[Blogging 101] The Right Way to Use PLR and MMR Content

Today I’m going to show you how to make the most of PLR and MRR content. But first, have you had the chance to check out Master Resale Rights?


If you haven’t, here is that link again:



To get the most from this site, you’ll need to upgrade. However, before you do, I want to explain why this type of site is valuable in the first place. Most people think that MMR content useless but that is usually because they don’t know how to use it!


They simply take the content as is, slap it up on a blog and then forget about it. However, if you want to start seeing results from using this type of content, I would advise you to do the following:


Edit It


Make it your own! When you download PLR content, the tone of the content may not match your audience exactly. Therefore, you should edit it to make it more targeted to your audience.


That means removing phrases that just sound like a sales pitch and making the content sound like you wrote it personally.


Update It


Make sure that any content that you use always sounds up to date. Even if the content was written 10 years ago, it will still be usable if you make sure that it sounds modern.


Content that discusses how to create a MySpace account, make calls on your landline, or other outdated technology will make it obvious to your readers that you didn’t read what you wrote before sending it out.


Worse, it can make them wonder if you can help them in the first place.


Post It in the Right Places


MMR content is not designed to be used just anywhere. To be most beneficial, it needs to be used in the following ways:


  • A product that you sell (perhaps as a Fiverr gig)
  • Email newsletter content
  • Print marketing content
  • Creating scripts for videos
  • Creating scripts for podcasts


These are the top places that I recommend. Anything outside of this, you’ll have to do some heavy editing before you can post it. Otherwise, you’ll run into duplicate content issues with the search engines.


Now that you understand how to use MMR and PLR products the right way, you can start using them to grow your business.

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