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[Blogging 101] Where to Get Content for Your New Blog

While setting up a new blog is easy, creating content for it can be very time-consuming. Therefore, today I want to show you the best ways to outsource content creation for your blog.


Here are 3 invaluable resources that you should try:


Managed Blogging Services


While you may start off writing your own content for your site, you really need to publish new posts on a regular basis in order to be effective. In addition, you have to find images and add the content to your site.


Instead of doing all of that yourself, use a service like this one:



Every blog post you order will be well-researched and comes with a stock photo, keyword optimization and meta description creation. You also have the option to have it posted directly to your blog.


Finding Stock Photos


If you prefer to find your own stock photos for your website, here are some great sites that I recommend for finding images:

DreamsTime Free Photo Section

DreamsTime Pay Photo Section

GraphicRiver Photos


Virtual Assistants


While these are tasks that you can complete quickly, sometimes you may want some help making adjustments to your blog, For custom tasks, I recommend finding someone on Fiverr who can help you. Fiverr is an outsourcing site for small tasks and you can find help for as low as $5 per task.


This is also a good site to use if you need with designing logo or videos for your website.


Special Offer: Limited Time Only!


Finally, if you’re looking for a new hosting service for you blog, check out FastComet. For a limited time only, they are offering a 14-day Free WordPress Hosting Demo.

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