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CashJuice Review: Get Free Leads for Your Online Business

Have you joined CashJuice yet? If you haven’t heard about this site, read my CashJuice review to find out if you should join.

I have covered everything you need to know about this new business social network.



What is CashJuice?


cashjuice, cashjuice review


CashJuice is a new social network for online business owners. It was created by the owner of Traffic Ad Bar, Darren Merrett. The site officially launched on November 3, 2018 and it has already attracted thousands of users in just under two weeks.


It has a similar setup to Twitter or Facebook where you can follow people and post updates. When you log into CashJuice, you’ll be provided with onboarding tips that show you how to use the site, step-by-step.


Then all you need to do is add your photo and a brief description to your profile and you can start posting right away.



What Can You Post on CashJuice?


On CashJuice, you can advertise your business for free without any restrictions. You can create posts with images and links. Post your program links and affiliate links. Here are some ideas for items to post that will get a lot of clicks, shares and likes on the platform:


  • Links to the programs that you are currently promoting
  • Special offers and coupons
  • Motivational quotes
  • Blog posts you’ve written


Your posts are highly visible thanks to the fact that they will appear in the feeds of everyone who follows you. The only limit is that you can only make up to 3 posts (10 posts or unlimited posts for upgraded users) per day.


Top Feature: Post Rotator


There is also a Post Rotator feature which ensures that every post made on the platform is seen sitewide by all users. You can select posts that you want to appear in the Post Rotator by setting up a campaign. By surfing for credits, you can ensure that your posts advertising your best programs are always visible sitewide.


cashjuice post rotator, post rotator


To earn credits, all you have to do is view other people’s posts for 5 seconds in order to earn 1 credit. It is the same 1:1 credit system that you’ll find on any traffic exchange.


Upgraded users can even geotarget their Post Rotator campaigns so that their offers are only shown to users from certain countries. Currently, the geotargeting options are restricted to 3 countries: United States, Australia, and United Kingdom.


This makes CashJuice the perfect place to get leads for your programs and affiliate offers from Tier 1 countries. Plus, the audience on this site is almost all people who are looking to make money online.


While there are people on the platform who have joined a main program already, there are plenty more who are searching for new opportunities.


Get Access to Opportunity Seekers for Free


The other benefit is that profile information of all CashJuice users is available for free. Unlike other platforms where you have to upgrade to view more than a screenname, you can see everything that a CashJuice member has posted to the platform. That means that you can visit their website or contact them outside of the platform if you’d like.


Upgraded users also have the option to auto-message users, a feature similar to Twitter’s auto-DM feature. This is perfect for welcoming your new referrals to the platform.


Overall, I like that CashJuice doesn’t make it difficult to contact users on the platform because too many restrictions and paid upgrades are what have kept other business social networks from flourishing. Those other platforms are trying so hard to make money off of you that they barely give free users a reason to join.


How CashJuice Helps You Get Traffic


Another cool feature of CashJuice is that it also helps you get traffic to your offers.


“The Plan” is a FREE to use, automated system, that will help you earn money online. You setup a free advertising funnel. Why? So all of your advertising streams send traffic to your CashJuice referral link.


cashjuice the plan, the plan videos


These free advertising streams are a series of websites which include top traffic exchanges.


Then just follow the daily tips to ensure you are maximising your business and making the most of every opportunity. There is video training provided that will show you how to set up The Plan. CashJuice will even show you how you’re doing every day with daily stats on your account dashboard.


To maximize your results from using The Plan, I recommend that you also read this article on my blog:


Tutorial: How to Advertise on Hundreds of Traffic Exchanges for Free


Can I Earn With CashJuice?


The short answer is ‘YES’. In fact, there are three ways to earn from CashJuice. The best way to earn from CashJuice is by using it to get leads for your programs. Build connections with other members and introduce yourself.


You can also earn commissions on the platform. Here is the upgrade option for free members:


cashjuice upgrade options, cashjuice upgrade


Whenever one of your referrals upgrades, you earn 15% commissions. Referral commissions are available to both free and upgraded members.


However, after you upgrade and you’re no longer a free member, CashJuice members are presented with a second upgrade option:


cashjuice upgrade option 2, cashjuice upgrades


This will allow you to earn recurring monthly commissions from members who have ‘gone all in’ with this system. Plus you’ll also get free referrals which means that you can earn even more.


The third way to get paid is via CashJuice’s ad revenue. CashJuice will share a portion of its ad revenue with all users. The more active you are on the platform, the more you’ll earn.


Each month CashJuice splits the ad revenue among its top 200 users who are referred to as Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze users. You can track your ranking on the platform by taking a look at the Leagues on your account dashboard. The Leagues provide you with a daily update on where all users on the platform stand with regard to these rankings.


Bottom Line: CashJuice is a 10/10


There’s simply nowhere else you can go at the moment to get access to a growing audience of people interested in MLM and home business opportunities for free.


There’s plenty of Tier 1 traffic here and people are being recruited to the platform from all different traffic sources. This site is growing fast!


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