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Commission Gorilla V2 Review [2019]: Updated + Special Bonuses

Commission Gorilla V2

$1 30-day trial / $99 per month








  • Automated bonus delivery
  • Free hosting
  • Bonus library to store your bonus files


  • Won't tell you how to build your business
  • They don't tell you how to select bonuses for your product
  • Need traffic

Are you an affiliate or do you sell digital products online? Then I’m sure that you would agree that trying to convert leads into sales is difficult.


Trying to maximize your conversions? Well that’s even harder…


However, there’s a simple secret to increasing the value of every visitor that you receive: bonuses.


By creating a well designed promotional page that features your unique bonuses, you can dramatically increase your sales and deliver more value to your customers.


In this review, I’m going to introduce you to Commission Gorilla V2, the software that I’m using to build promotional pages for my business.


With its ability to create enticing promotional pages and easy to use drag and drop builder, Commission Gorilla provides an easy solution for advertising your unique bonuses to your customers before they buy.


It doesn’t require any technical knowledge in order to use it and it will really change the way that you promote affiliate offers or your own digital products.


Here is what I’m going to be covering in this Commission Gorilla V2 review:



What is Commission Gorilla V2?


commission gorilla v2 logo


Commission Gorilla V2 is a newbie friendly, easy-to-use way to create promotional pages that advertise the special bonuses your customers will receive when they purchase your digital product or the affiliate offer that you’re promoting.


All of the page creation and bonus delivery is done automatically by Commission Gorilla and you’ll be able to access your promotional page via a single link after you save it.


This software tool was created by PromoteLabs, Inc. It was designed by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, two super affiliates with over 15 years of marketing experience. These guys have managed to generate over $10 million in commissionable product sales and are regularly at the top of JV affiliate leaderboards.


Commission Gorilla is part of the reason why they have been able to consistently crush affiliate leaderboards and deliver conversions that are two to three times higher than the majority of other affiliates. The fact that they have managed to achieve such results and are now making this amazing high-converting promotional page and bonus delivery software available to the public are the reasons I was so excited to review this tool.


Who is Commision Gorilla Meant For?

Commission Gorilla V2 isn’t only for affiliates. While it’s exceptional at creating affiliate promotional pages, you can also use it to create promotional pages and deliver bonuses for your own digital products. You can also use it to deliver discounts and coupons, as well as, special offers for both an online or offline business.


commission gorilla page examples


Commission Gorilla can also be used to create pages for your JV contest, lead generation pages, and much more. If you’re someone who needs to constantly create sales or promotional pages for new offers, then this is a tool that you could find to be extremely useful. It makes it easy and fast to create high-converting promotional pages.


What Is Included in Commission Gorilla V2?

Here’s everything in the standard package:

  • Create amazing promotional pages
  • Bonus Library that allows you to save your bonus product files
  • Automatic promotional page creation from templates
  • 4 promotional page templates
  • Create custom promotional page templates
  • Run up to 20 campaigns simultaneously
  • 3 bonus training courses
  • Hosting included
  • Compatible with WordPress (via a plugin)
  • Clone successful promotional pages
  • Built-in social share feature (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Analytics dashboard


Commission Gorilla DEMO

Here is the demo video so that you can see Commission Gorilla in action:



Commission Gorilla Pricing


Standard: $1 for 7 Day Trial, $99 Yearly

Includes all of the features I’ve listed here.


Pro Upgrade: $67 One Time

Add Countdown Timers To Your Pages
Add Attention Bars To Your Pages
Add Exit Pop-Ups To Your Pages


There are also several additional upgrades you can purchase but the standard or Pro version is sufficient to get value from this software.




Here’s Why I Think You’ll Love Commission Gorilla


Best Feature #1:

Automated Delivery of Your Bonuses: The Commission Gorilla software is designed to automatically deliver the bonuses that you add to your promotional pages. You can store the files for these bonuses in the Bonus Library as you create your promotional pages.


Best Feature #2:

FREE Bonus Page Hosting: You can add pages to your WordPress website by using the free Commission Gorilla WordPress plugin or you can get your pages hosted directly by the software for no extra charge.


Best Feature #3:

Bonus Block Library: The Commission Gorilla software allows you to build out Bonus Blocks and store them in your Bonus Library so that you can use them again. When you design pages in the future, all you have to do is just drag and drop them into your new promotional page. There are five different styles for you to choose from and your bonus delivery pages are also built automatically.


Best Feature #4:

Page Clone: If you’ve created a promotional page that you’d like to reuse or are you planning to offer a similar offer, you can simply use the clone feature to instantly duplicate your promotional page. Then all you have to do is switch out the links as needed and you’ll have a brand new promotional page in just seconds.


Best Feature #5:

Bonus Download Page Customization: You’ll have the opportunity to monetize your promotional pages even more by offering ‘invisible bonuses’ that only appear on the bonus delivery pages. These invisible bonuses can be ads for other products and services, upsells, or cross promotions.


Commission Gorilla Upgrades

These are all of the added features that are available if you upgrade with Commission Gorilla:


One-time Offer #1: Commission Gorilla Pro ($67 One Time)


  • Create Unlimited Commission Gorilla pages
  • Download and host your pages on your own domain
  • Customize your pages with built-in custom code
  • Remove the ‘Powered by’ branded logo


One-time Offer #2: Commission Gorilla V2 Instant Bonuses Monthly or One Time ($47 One Time / $19.95 Monthly)


For this offer, you’ll have to pay a $47 one-time fee for a 30-day trial. If you want to continue after that, the cost is $19.95 monthly.


  • 25 Done-for-you new bonuses each month
  • Free upgrades
  • 1-click bonus add


If you decide that you want to cancel at the end of the 30-day trial, you’ll be able to keep the 25 bonuses. However, you will no longer receive the 2 additional bonuses each month.


25 bonuses, commission gorilla upgrade offer 2


One-time Offer #3: Commission Gorilla V2 Sales Page Bypass (Add On) ($77)


Commission Gorilla Sales Page ByPass


Sales Page Bypass

The sales page bypass allows you to push your customers directly to the order form so that they don’t have to view the vendor’s sales page at all. That way they won’t read your promotional page and then have to read yet another sales page. It will look like they are just purchasing directly from your promotional page, although the order still goes through the vendor’s website.


Commission Gorilla Black Dragon Protocol


Black Dragon Protocol Training

The Black Dragon Protocol is a training course that is designed to help you become successful with Commission Gorilla V2 in just 12 weeks.


One-time Offer #4: Commission Gorilla V2 Review Builder (Add On) ($37)

This final offer allows you to add reviews to your promotional pages. It offers the following features:

  • Five ratings criteria slots
  • 17 styles of ratings criteria
  • Font options for the headlines
  • Multiple options for ratings
  • The ability to clone block functions
  • Unlimited use
  • Multiple blocks per page


commission gorilla review block




What I Don’t Like About Commission Gorilla


Bad Part #1:

It’s so easy to use that you might get lazy with making bonus pages. If you do that and you don’t make your offers unique and interesting each time your customers might get bored and not pay attention to the different bonuses that you’re offering. As a result, it’s in your best interest to treat this as if it were any other landing page builder and put your full effort into customizing your bonuses every time you create a promotional page for a new offer.


Bad Part #2:

It won’t tell you how to make awesome bonuses. Commission Gorilla has no way to tell what kind of product you’re selling on the front end. As a result, the software can’t determine whether your bonuses are appropriate for the product that you’re offering.


Just a few tips on creating great bonuses:

First of all, your bonuses should not be better than the main product. If the bonus is actually better than the main product is probably not the right fit for the particular offer.


Second, you should make sure that the bonus is related to the product. For example, if the main product is about fitness, your bonus should be something related to fitness or a problem that a person has with exercising or losing weight.


Finally, bonuses should be unique. Don’t promote a bonus that a prospect might be able to find elsewhere. This is especially important if you’re trying to convince people to buy from your affiliate link versus the hoards are other affiliates that are out there. Make sure to create a unique bonus and you can do so easily by using resale rights products.


Bad Part #3:

It’s not going to give you instant results if you don’t already have traffic. This software does not teach you how to drive traffic to your pages, so you will still have to figure that part out yourself if you want to start making money instantly. This tool is only designed to help you maximize your conversions from the quality traffic that you’re already generating. It isn’t a business in a box.


Everything Else You Need to Know About Commission Gorilla


How is their support?


commission gorilla knowledge base, commission gorilla support

Commission Gorilla support is fairly good in my experience. Support requests are usually answered within a few hours and I found the staff to be pretty helpful with answering all my questions.


Do I need my own domain name?


You do not necessarily need your own domain name to launch a promotional page, although I would recommend it.


Can it build an entire website?


No, this product is exclusively focused on building bonus pages. If you want to build your own website or blog, I recommend WordPress because Commission Gorilla is already designed to integrate with WordPress.


What’s the best Commission Gorilla training?


Commission Gorilla has an active community and you’ll find a ton of support along with detailed guides right inside the software.


Is Commission Gorilla Worth It?


Yes, if you’re a serious affiliate or you sell digital products and you want to grow your business quickly, you need Commission Gorilla.


It’s the only software available that is dedicated to building bonus pages. With other landing page softwares, like Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Optimize Press, or Instapage, you’ll have to build your own landing pages from scratch or use templates that were actually designed for lead generation and not bonus delivery.


Other softwares also don’t provide the automated bonuses delivery features that Commission Gorilla provides (except for Clickfunnels) and you’ll have to pay monthly for these services.



but wait theres more, bonuses


My Commission Gorilla Bonuses

Did my Commission Gorilla review get you interested in trying that 7-day trial for just $1?

If you decide to join today, my exclusive bonuses are yours to keep.


special giftspecial gift


Here is what you’ll get:



Bonus #1: The Blueprint to Safelist Profits – This is my exclusive safelist
marketing guide that teaches you how to make sales with free traffic from



Bonus #2: Best Affiliate Programs to Join – Find out the best affiliate programs
to make money with Commission Gorilla.



Bonus #3: Top 10 Targeted Traffic Sources – These are the top traffic sources to
use in 2019. The guide also provides tips on where to find the best training and
traffic software.


commission gorilla quick start guide


Bonus #4: Commission Gorilla Quick Start Guide – This is a quick start guide to
help you get up and running with Commission Gorilla fast and ensure that you
follow the best practices for using this software.


These bonuses are in addition to the bonuses offered on the sales page for this
product. By grabbing these bonuses, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and get
to making money faster with less effort on your part.



Have you used Commission Gorilla V2 or do you have any questions about it? Leave your comments and feedback on this software below!


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