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Easy Make Money Online Strategy for 2018 – Payment Proof Inside

I have a quick tip for you today! I just thought of a super easy way to find new affiliate programs and ways to make money online.


Have you ever thought to just search Google for payment proofs?


Granted some of these images you find might be fake but since the majority are posted by people who want you to join under their team, I’m sure that you can find some legitimate ideas for getting paid online.


So here is what you do:


1. Go to Google (or your favorite search engine) and search in the Images search only for the keyword “payment proof”


2. When the results pop up you’ll see tons of images of payouts from different companies.


3. Now just go through the images and see which ones you see people posting the most.


4. Use this information to start your research for legitimate affiliate programs to join.


Important Note: This method won’t protect you from scams. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you vet any company that you find thoroughly before choosing to do business with them.


Also to make good on the title of this article, I uploaded an image of my own recent payment proof from a new GPT site called PayMeDollar.



They have the most popular offer walls, surveys, tasks and videos just like other top sites. The cashout minimum is just $5 and they give you a $0.25 bonus when you join.


paymedollar, payment proof


If you have anything else you’d like to add to my payment proof method, leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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Comments (17)

  • No, I hadn’t thought of using google images to vie proof of payment. It’s a good method – and if you hover over each image you can see the website URL.

    Another thing you can do is use the ‘Tools’ to view only those posted within the last 24 hours (for example). I found this interesting as it threw up a lot of “proofs of payment’ from just a few sites which may, or may not help to weed out scams.

  • I might have a look at PayMeDollar. It sounds interesting and the fact that you have received a payment from them is good to hear. How long did it take you to receive your first payout?

    • Actually, the payments only take a few hours. I received my first payment the same day that I requested a payout.

    • Hello, it looks like it works just fine from India. You might have issues with getting access to surveys because they tend to prefer Western countries for those. But tasks, videos, and other features should work just fine. After you sign up, post your results from using Paymedollar. I’m sure others would like to know as well.

  • Excellent article thank you for sharing your insight I will try these out see how I do. Do you accept guest Posts please.

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment. Feel free to comment back with your results.

      While I’m not currently accepting guest posts at the moment, I might in the future. I’ll let you know!

  • I have tried various ways of earning online that promise they will pay but none of them work out. I now have some new ideas and I’m very interested in joining these sites. Thank you for sharing your strategy in making online money. It really helps me. 🙂

  • I am currently looking for the best way to earn passive income online and I gotta say, you have some great tips in your article. I’ve tried a lot of times with different sites but most of them turned out to be failures. Thank you for sharing this and I hope PaymeDollar is the answer to my needs. One question, is the available in the Philippines?

    • Hello Hebban, yes it is available for you to sign up from the Philippines. As far as the availability of specific offers, such as the surveys, you’ll have to login and see what is available to you as I have no way to check that from my country.

  • Great tips! Most of the time when I am trying to search for some payment proofs is thru YouTube. I watch tutorials and reviews just to make sure that the site really pays out. Watching videos and reading reviews really help a lot.

    I might have a look at PayMeDollar. I have already heard of it and never tried though but this time I sure will.

  • I visited PayMeDollar after reading your post. It’s kinda sad, I only have limited options because of my location. I am residing now in Philippines and many tasks were saying not available in my country. There are also surveys that redirecting from one site to another. But the site is legit so I’ll still try my luck.

  • I never thought of searching for payment proofs from GTP sites. I do research the sites themselves extensively and also read the reviews.
    This is something I will do in the future when I am not sure of the validity of a site. Thank you for the insight. I learn so much from reading your blog.

  • Great! I never thought of using information from those payment proofs, what I usually do is when I found a site where I can make money online, I check out google and search for the sites reviews if it’s Legit or Scam. it’s just some review sites are scam themselves.

    I will be trying this PayMeDollar, thanks for the info.

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