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Free Bitcoin Network Advertising With MellowAds

Do you use bitcoin? If so, you’re in luck because today’s strategy involves a popular bitcoin advertising site. Even if you don’t use bitcoin you can still take advantage of this strategy because it is 100% free and you’ll earn bitcoin that you can use on the site as you do it.


The site is called MellowAds. It is an advertising site that allows you to pay with bitcoin. Most advertising spots on the network are for advertising spots on other bitcoin sites.


Even if you don’t have a bitcoin site, advertising using networks like this also works well for home business and make money online.


To claim your free advertising credits go to the link below and create your account:



Once you’ve signed up with your email address, you can claim free bitcoin from the faucet every 24 hours. This bitcoin is not for you to withdraw. Instead you will use it to run MellowAds network advertising campaigns.


This means that your ads will automatically be shown across all of the sites that are included in MellowAds inventory.


Once you’ve made a claim, just go to the top menu and click:

Advertise > Banner network


Then scroll to the bottom of the screen where you’ll see a button that says:

Start banner network campaign…


Click this button to set up a campaign using the free bitcoin you just earned. Since you won’t have that much to start, using the “Start CPM” option will allow you to start immediately.


Then you’ll need to set the Unique views at 1000 and the CPM (BTC) at 0.0001.


For the Geo-Targeting, I recommend choosing Asia, Africa, or South America. All three regions will bring you quality clicks and the rate is low enough at 0.5 to allow you to start running the campaign right away.


Finally just select your approved advert, then click “Start campaign.”


MellowAds will start posting your ad. Just come back in 24 hours to get the free bitcoin from the faucet and you can advertise your offers every day for free.


Bitcoin advertising is cheap and you’ll get clickthroughs so you should definitely give this method a shot.

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