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Free Blog Content: How to Create Unlimited High-quality Articles on Autopilot

When it comes to free blog content, everyone knows that copy paste from other people’s sites is a BAD idea. However, coming up with unlimited high-quality blog content for free, legally IS possible for bloggers.


If you’re looking for free content for your blog, follow the methods that I will share below which make it a lot easier to find content for your blog so you can post regularly and achieve page #1 Google rankings for your blog.


Where Do I Find Free Blog Content?


If you want to be able to publish new content regularly on your blog, you need a reliable source for free content that you have permission to use. Below are 5 places where you can find free content that is licensed for free reuse:


1. Download Free PLR Products

Use these free PLR products to upload into Spin Rewriter directly or repurpose them into new ebooks by adding your own additional content. 


What is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights and it refers to products that you can resell or give away as your own. When people sign up for your subscriber lists, you should thank them by giving them something of value.


If you use a free PLR ebook as your “thank you bonus,” then you don’t have to waste time making your own. Here are three sites where you can download free PLR:


1. InDigitalWorks

2. Master Resell Rights

3. PLRAssassin

4. IDplr


These sites all offer you the option to download hundreds of free PLR ebooks, videos, and articles and if you upgrade, you can also have access their premium and newest content.


youtube creative commons


2. YouTube Creative Commons Licensing Videos

Go to YouTube and use the search filter options after entering your keywords to find videos that have Creative Commons Licensing. This means that you can use the content from these videos. To turn this video content into text content download a software called Audacity and use it to record the audio from video. 


Then go to a service called which will use an AI to transcribe the audio file to text for just a few cents. Then you can spin this content with Spin Rewriter to ensure that it is 100% unique. 



3. Use the News

Use Spin Rewriter to convert an article from a major news source into fresh articles. If you add your own commentary to it after, it will make it even more unique. When finding news articles to rewrite, look for trending articles. These are the most likely to get shared because the general public hasn’t already read the story elsewhere for the most part.


Here are a few sources for finding trending news content:


Reddit: An excellent source of curated new content because it’s one of the largest social networks in the world. Check out subreddits like r/worldnews for factual, researched news from trusted new sources.

Wikinews: This free news source is supported and maintained by Wikimedia, the creator of Wikipedia.

Y Combinator: This free news site is a curation site dedicated to breaking tech news.

Twitter: Social media sites like Twitter are useful for finding breaking stories.


If you plan to publish news articles on your site, make sure to include a disclaimer on your site about the accuracy of the stories you publish and check the sources to make sure the news story is not fake news.


article directories

4. EzineArticles

Article directories are a very old method of getting free content back from the early days of SEO. Surprisingly, there are still people submitting content to these types of sites. 


If you select from the authors that have the highest authority level on the article directory (in the case of EzineArticles that’s Diamond Level Writers), you can be assured that the original content is well-written and at least somewhat researched so that you’ll have a good starting point for fresh Spin Rewriter articles. 


Here is a list of a few other article directories that are still around:




5. IM Checklist 

This one is not free but you only have to pay $3 to get access to more than 800 articles to start. Then articles will be sent to you monthly if you want to continue. This is a source of high quality PLR that goes in-depth on various topics related to internet marketing so you can use it for anything including email newsletters, ebooks, blog articles once you spin it with Spin Rewriter!


Garbage In, Garbage Out


Before I move on, I just want to make it clear that you have to start out with high-quality content before using an article spinner if you want good results from content spinning software like Spin Rewriter. If you select articles that are in written in broken English, have spelling and grammatical errors, or are just poorly written with missing information, an article spinning software is not going to fix this for you!


Free 5-Day Trial of Spin Rewriter


What good would this method be if I didn’t provide you with a way to generate unique blog content fast? After all, you want to be able to post to your blog regularly. Only unique, non-duplicated content will allow you to rank your blog in the search engines.


For a limited time, Spin Rewriter is offering a 5-day free trial. You won’t pay a cent — nada, zilch, squat — for 5 days. After that, it’s available at heavily discounted annual rate.


spin rewriter content spinner dashboard spin article


So here’s what I would do:


Gather up your articles that you’d like to rewrite for your blog, and get them ready to spin (by saving them as plain text files .txt). Strip out any HTML and formatting by using this online tool. Make sure that you have enough content ready to go so that you’ll be able to publish at least 10 days of content after you’ve finished spinning it all.


Then go here to join Spin Rewriter for free:




Want to Take It to the Next Level? Try these ideas:


NewsBuilder 2.0: This software allows you to build your own news sites that run on autopilot. Spin content automatically by inserting your Spin Rewriter API key.


Sqribble: This software turns your rewritten content into beautiful ebooks in just a few clicks. Just paste your content and watch it work in 60 seconds! Use these ebooks as bonuses or sell ebook bundles as a product.





WP Affiliate Suite: If you’ve purchased any products like this one that come with DFY content, use Spin Rewriter to rewrite that done for you content and then place your rewritten content on a new WordPress site to multiply the traffic you’re getting from the software you already paid for! 

affiliate blogs



And that’s it! The last step is just to schedule your content for your blog in bulk and you’ll have fresh high-quality unique content for your blog for weeks to come. If you have any questions about how to implement this method, comment below.

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