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Free YouTube Traffic Methods: Step-by-step Tutorial

These traffic methods allow you to leverage the power of YouTube and will drive sales at the same time.


Method #1:


What you’re going to do is make a video about an offer and then link to a squeeze page for the offer in your video description. This will get you signups and sales at the same time.


The first thing that you need to do is use the link below to head over to JVZoo to create an account:


JVZoo is a digital product marketplace that you will use to find offers to promote.


After you make your account, use the tool below to find an upcoming product launch from a JVZoo seller.


After you choose an offer, go back to JVZoo and ask for permission from the product vendor to promote the offer. As a new seller on JVZoo, it may take a couple of tries to get approved for an offer but if you choose one from a big vendor you should get approved quickly.


Then just post a video to YouTube in which you review the product and link to a squeeze page promoting it. Once the product is actually available for sale from the vendor, you can just send the subscribers you collected emails about it to get sales since you’ll already have a pre-built list.


This is so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.


Method #2:


In addition to making videos about products on YouTube, you can also find channels that are willing to promote your affiliate links. You can find some YouTube channel owners who are willing to do this on Fiverr.


Another way to find them is by contacting them directly on YouTube. While this method isn’t free upfront, what is free is all of the traffic that you’ll be getting after your link has been posted because you’ll never have to pay for those clicks again!


I hope you’ll give this a shot. Imagine how much traffic you can drive with a shoutout from a big YouTube account.

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