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Getting Started With Conversion Tracking for Affiliate Marketing

Are you tracking your clicks? If you’re posting your affiliate links everywhere hoping to get sales, stop it right now!


What you should be doing instead is using a software tool to monitor, compare, and optimize your marketing links so that you can increase your conversion rate.


By only posting your affiliate link, you’re not only flying blind, you’re leaving it up to the affiliate program to provide data about your clicks. Most affiliate programs don’t even offer details about the clicks you get to your affiliate link.


If you’ve had enough, click the link below to get started with ClickMeter today:




Real-Time Link Tracking


Instead of just tracking how many clicks you received, you’ll get a lot more data. With ClickMeter, you can view your traffic in real-time:



Now for the other benefits…


1. Monitoring: ClickMeter continuously checks for broken links, click fraud, latency, and blacklists.


2. Advanced Link Features: You can wipe the referral data so the source of the clicks shows up as the ClickMeter link and not your traffic source.


3. Organize Your Links: You can group your links into campaigns, enabling you to effectively organize your links and keep up with expiring offers.


4. Link Rotators: Send visitors to multiple versions of your landing pages with just a single link. Great for A/B testing!


5. Long-term Data Storage: Save your click data for a month, 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years, depending on your account level.


and much more!


Here is the full list of options that you’ll have available to you each time you create a new link:



No More Lost Backlinks


The reason why I’m recommending this service to you is because of the fact that ClickMeter goes with you anywhere. When an affiliate link expires, just go into ClickMeter and update the destination URL for that link.


No more lost backlinks because you can’t update broken links!


If you’re ready to get started, click the link below:




I recommend that you upgrade your account to start so that you won’t have to worry about exceeding your monthly quotas. In addition, you’ll also get conversion tracking when you upgrade.

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