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How to Build a Team Rotator for Your Biz Opp to 10X Your Signups

How can you get more signups for your biz opp? How do you work smarter and not harder? The answer is simple: create a team rotator for your downline to promote.


In this article, I will explain how to build a team rotator so that you and your downline members can work together to promote your business opportunity and 10X your signups.



When Does a Team Rotator Work Best?


A rotator works best when:


Both free and upgraded members benefit from the business opportunity. If your program only rewards upgraded members, make sure to let your downline members know that they need to upgrade before you’ll give them access to the rotator.


You can communicate directly with your downlines. In order to get signups you need to instruct your downline members as to the best places to advertise their rotator links. You need to provide them with training. If your program doesn’t tell you who is in your downline or give you access to their email addresses, this strategy won’t work.


Why This Is Better Than Working Alone


working together


Of course, it’s not required to work in a team build your downline. However, the majority of the people who sign up underneath you will have little to no experience with getting traffic or building a business online.


By creating a rotator for your team, your team members can benefit from each other’s efforts to promote the business opportunity which makes it easier for your ENTIRE team to see success much faster.


In fact, you’ll find that many top MLM and network marketing opportunities make use of team rotators.


Using a rotator also helps you to identify your most active downline members. Only team members who are serious about getting success in your program are going to request to join your team rotator.


How to Build Your Own Rotator for Your Program


To build a rotator for your business opportunity, we’re going to use a tool called TPM Rotator:



I like this rotator because loads fast and it’s simple to use. It also allows a large number of clicks so you don’t have to worry about running out of clicks.


Once you’ve created your account here, here are the steps to follow to build your rotator:


1. Add your referral link for your program to a new rotator.


new rotator tpm rotator


2. Add your referral link to the rotator:


new rotator step 2, tpm rotator


For easy add/delete and tracking, you can add the name of your downline member as the Site Name.


3. Share your rotator link online (the Rotator URL/Invisible URL) in place of your referral link from now on wherever you advertise your program.


4. When a new downline member, clicks your rotator link and joins via your referral link, contact them and tell them that they need to send you their referral link so you can add it to the rotator.


Pro Tip: Add an email to your autoresponder that your downline members will receive automatically after signup that instructs them to send their referral link to be added to the rotator for extra traffic.


5. Instruct your downline member to promote the rotator link in place of their own referral link from now on.


6. As more new members join your downline and you add them to the rotator, you and your downline members traffic will increase as you all promote the same rotator link.


How to Get Your Downline Members to Sign Up to Your Rotator


team group


Your downline members might be skeptical about promoting a rotator link instead of their own and rightfully so. After all, how do they know that you’re actually going to promote the rotator and not your own affiliate link as promised?


First, you have to just accept that not every downline member will sign up for this. Just like are people who refuse to take action on a new business opportunity, there are also those who believe that the only path to success is to go it alone (the most difficult way to do things of course).


Once you forget about the naysayers and move on to the people who are interested in the rotator, here is how you make this offer irresistible:


1. Offer Premium Traffic


As the upline sponsor with more experience and a larger team, you can tell your downline members that you will advertise your rotator link with some premium traffic sources.


Whether you promote the rotator link directly to your email list, on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, give them some traffic that they know that they would have to pay for otherwise if they wanted to have access to it.


As your rotator grows, you can even charge for access to the rotator so that you can buy more traffic.


2. Show Your Downline Where You Are Already Promoting the Rotator Link


If your downline members can see that the rotator link is already being advertised on sites that get a lot of traffic, they’ll be happy to share their referral links for inclusion because they know that it will mean instant results for them.


3. Create a Facebook Group for Your Downline Members


By gathering your downline members in a central location, you can answer any questions they might have to help them get better results from the program. You can also attract new downline members who might be interested in joining your team rotator.


4. Create a Traffic Training Exclusively for Your Downline


Let your downline members know that once they join your rotator you will provide them with free coaching on how to promote the rotator link. This will help you to maintain the quality of the traffic sources and signups that your downline members receive.


When to Introduce This Strategy to Your Downline Members


Once you believe that your downline members have managed to grow their teams large enough to generate some income for you, you can then teach them how to create their own rotator links.


You’ll still benefit from their signups even if your referral link is not included in their team rotator because they are your downline members.


Team Rotator Links You Can Join Today


team rotator


If you want to give this strategy a try right now I’ve created some rotator links for the following lead generation programs. These programs have proven to deliver quality leads and are all excellent for newbies.


Click the links below to contact me about each program so that you can join my rotators:


cashjuice logo



ig money tree logo



my lead gen secret logo



so many hits logo


To be eligible to join the rotators, you must join via the referral link on each contact page!


When you sign up, you’ll get access to my private traffic training and marketing secrets. Get started today and let’s work together to build successful businesses!

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