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How to Build Your Online Business in 3 Simple Steps

If you’re tired of watching everyone else make money while you struggle to figure it all out, then you’re probably ready to build your online business.


No, that doesn’t mean pestering your friends and family to buy products from you or follow your business on social media! No one likes to be bombarded with sales pitches for products or services that they simply aren’t interested in.


In addition, it makes you look like an amateur if you don’t know how to find customers online like all of the other online business gurus.


So that is why I’m sharing this post with you today. After years of learning about online marketing, I finally discovered what you need to know to get ahead online…


First of all, the benefits of building an online business are huge:


  • You can generate qualified leads anytime you want.
  • You can stop rejection forever by only talking to the people who want what your business offers.
  • Your business will work for you 24/7 and you’ll never have to worry again about not making money just because you took one day off.
  • You can stop worrying about how you’ll pay the bills if the boss doesn’t give you a raise.


It was pretty tough when I started online over ten years ago. In fact, most of the tools I use to manage my online business now didn’t even EXIST back then. On top of that, there weren’t that many people who were willing to explain to “non-techies” about how to set everything up. It was exclusively a game for those in the know.


Fortunately, a lot has changed since then. I’m so thankful that making money online is now an opportunity for just about anyone, no matter what your professional background is.


And today, just like what the mentors I found online did for me, I want to share what I’ve learned to help someone else to start making money online.


So if you want to start building an online business, here are the three simple steps that you need to follow.


1. Mindset


The first thing you’ll need to learn about building an online business is about changing your mindset. That is because building an online business requires a different set of skills than working at a job or even running a brick and mortar store.


The main thing to know is that parts of building your business will become easier because there are tools that you can use to make them more efficient.


So that means you won’t have to:


  • Meet with people one-on-one to find customers.
  • Commute to an office every day and stay there from 9-5 (unless you prefer working in an office).
  • Ask friends and family to help you do your job.


Once you let go of these habits that have probably been ingrained into you from your previous life as a professional, you’ll be ready to dive in.


Instead of doing things the old-fashioned way, now you’ll learn how resolve problems that you face in your business with technology, outsourcing, and creative problem solving rather than by working harder.


2. The Plan


You’re going to need a plan. Something that you can reference as you build your business. There are two approaches that you can follow when it comes to building your online business.


First, you can do…


Social Media Recruiting


which you can actually start with right away. All you need is a Facebook page and a product to promote. It products results quickly and it can help you earn money right away. However, there are some major drawbacks…


  • You’re constantly posting.
  • It’s hard to maintain a work/life balance.
  • You’ll have to build an audience first before people will trust you enough to buy from you.
  • All of your prospects will likely come from your local area.


Most of the time people will move beyond trying to promote products and services via social media because they want to free up their time.


Your Own Website


Building your own website is like passive social media recruiting because instead of contacting people, you get them to come to you instead. In this way, you’ll be able to scale up your business because you no longer are directly responsible for recruiting people. Instead, you post valuable content that people are willing to share on social media on your behalf.


That allows you to bring in new leads to your business even while you sleep. You can even set up landing pages with forms that get people to share their contact information with you so that you have everything you need to make the sale.


If your goal is to sell digital products or services, you can set up a sales funnel which automatically sends people to buy the product or service without any intervention on your part. That way you can make sales without having to even lift a finger other than creating new content for your website.


That’s essentially what all of the online entrepreneurs are talking about when they refer to earning passive income online.


Now for the final piece which is…


3. Mentorship


It would be nearly impossible for you to figure out how to get to the results that I’m talking about without some help from an expert. Think about the first day that you started on your first job. Somebody showed you what do to and answered your questions.


The same thing applies to building a successful online business. You need someone who can show you the blueprint step-by-step.


That’s why I recommend that you take time to read all of the resources here at 10K Real Visitors where you’ll receive my daily tips that ensure that you get started right.


I know that it can seem overwhelming at first with so much information. So just like learning all of the information changed my life 10 years ago, it could change yours as well.


So if you’re ready to get started…


Simply click here and I’ll give you access to The D.I.Y. Startup Planning Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success.


And if you found this article helpful, please leave your comments below!

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