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How to Get Free Traffic From Safelists (Promo Codes Inside)

When you start an online business, you need as much traffic as you can get. One thing that you’ll need to understand about free traffic is that there’s always a bunch of people that say it doesn’t work simply because it’s free.


However, the trick to free traffic is figuring out what works with your offers and what doesn’t. That means testing different offers and landing pages.


For today’s free traffic tip, I recommend that you sign up for the following safelists. Safelists are websites where people post their offers and other people click on their offers in order to earn credits so that they can share their own offers.


The safelists I’ve shared in the list at the link below are ones I’ve personally used and gotten signups from:



Use the promo codes on the page to get free mailing credits and you can start mailing right away.


IMPORTANT TIP: Create a Gmail email address just for safelists because you’re going to get a lot of emails. Don’t use your main email address for this!


If you want to mail out faster, I highly recommend purchasing upgrades on the sites BigMailer and Mail This List Viral Mailer. These sites have consistently produced signups for me and even some sales.


Tips for Getting Results From Safelists


1. Earn enough credits to mail the entire site at once or maximum number of users allowed per mailing (use the promo codes for this).


2. Use a squeeze page to get signups. If you don’t have a squeeze page yet, sign up for GetResponse or Aweber and use their forms as your squeeze page.


3. Track where your clicks are coming from. I recommend using ClickMeter to track your signups.


4. Mail every day. Only drop a site from your list if you’ve tried a bunch of offers with no conversions.


5. Don’t repeat the same exact headline ever. The reason for this is that Gmail will just put your next messages into the same conversation and users aren’t going to open them.


Do this enough and you’ll start to build your list with these free traffic sources.



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