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How to Make Money From Your Blog Without SEO

If you just started your blog, you know how important SEO is. 


However, what do you do when you’re not established yet? Is it even possible to make money when Google is barely indexing your posts? Yes!


Here is my guide on how to make money from your blog without SEO to help you earn money from your blog from the very start.



You’ll Have to Do the Heavy Lifting


The main reason why bloggers love SEO so much is because of organic traffic. Organic traffic is passive traffic that just comes to your blog without you having to pay for it.



However, you’re only going to start getting enough organic traffic to your blog to make you some serious cash once you’re ranking highly in Google for a variety of top keywords.


And unless you plan on waiting a few years for SEO techniques to start working in your favor or using some blackhat techniques, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about getting organic traffic other than optimize your site and wait for Google to start showing you some love.


So instead of taking the sit back and wait approach, SEO is not how you’re going to be able to grow your blog fast in the beginning. Accept this now despite what all of the gurus might say about how much money they make from SEO!


Step #1: Start Building Your Social Media Presence


Now that you understand why SEO doesn’t drive traffic for newbie bloggers, we need a more realistic plan. The first thing you’ll want to do almost immediately after you create your blog is start building your presence on social media.


This doesn’t mean that you need to go out there and join every social media site on Earth. Just join the ones that you feel most comfortable using to communicate with others on a regular basis.


That will ensure that you’ll get around to updating them regularly and that you’ll also enjoy the experience of building your community on those sites.


For me, I started with just one social media site, which is my Twitter profile @diyafshane.


The reason why I started with Twitter is because its super easy to use and there are a ton of free tools available to help you build your audience. In addition, random people in your niche will follow you just because they like something that you posted so you don’t have to worry about not fitting in as a new blogger.


4 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools For Rapid Growth


So now that you know that building your social media presence is the first step. Here are the tools I recommend to help you get started:




StatusBrew is a tool that you can use to grow your Twitter account fast. You can use Twitter to make your posts go viral and get free traffic fast.


However, if you want to get a lot of traffic fast, having a lot of followers helps. To get followers by using StatusBrew, connect your Twitter account and then go to the ‘Tweet Search’ tool under ‘Grow.’


Then use the search box to find Twitter users who are tweeting about hashtags related to your niche. Find ones who have a lot of followers and engagement and follow them daily to build your audience fast.


You can also use StatusBrew to send DMs and manage the DMs that you receive from other users, which will save you a lot of time having everything summed up in a neat chat window.




If you upgrade to a paid account on StatusBrew, you’ll also be able to fully manage your Twitter account from StatusBrew for fast growth.






Triberr is a community of bloggers working together to gain more exposure for their blogs. When you join Tribber, you add the RSS feed of the your blog so that your posts are automatically shared within the platform. 


From there, bloggers can share your posts on social media. This site is really awesome because it can help you get attention from top social media influencers nearly instantly. As along as you post quality content on your blog and post regularly, you can build an audience quickly, earning your tons of share and traffic to your blog.






Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that allows you to post your blog posts on social media sites. With this plugin you’ll be able to send your posts to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other sites. 


What I like about this plugin is that it automatically figures out the correct sizes for your post images so that you don’t have to worry about editing them in the social media site after you post. It also allows you to edit each social media posting so that you can post to all of your social media sites at once, but you don’t have to post the exact same content on every site. This helps to make your posts look natural even though you are using automation.





IFTTT can be used to automate almost anything that you do online. However, for blogs I recommend using it to post recurring messages to your social media profiles.



Create some custom call to actions with their own custom graphics and use the Applets above to autopost them to social media. You can use these automated posts to invite users to check out products and services that you offer on your blog, which I will discuss how to create later in this post. 



Step #2: Get Traffic From Facebook Groups


As a new blogger, spending money on AdWords or Facebook Ads to promote your blog is simply out of the question unless you have some deep pockets. 


So what I recommend is that you use a cheaper but still effective method for getting the word out about your new blog and all of the cool offers that have available for purchase.


In fact, the course that I shared in this blog post shows exactly how to do this efficiently: 


BLAZE Review: Hidden Site Makes $408.07 in 45 Minutes Using Free Traffic + Special Bonuses

blaze, blaze review


Check it out. There’s no need for me to explain this again here when this post sums it up so nicely.


Step #3: Use Marketplaces to Help You Find Customers


While using social media will help you to start building your audience so that you can provide social proof that you know what you’re doing, you also need some immediate customers.


For this step, we’re going to use marketplaces. Sites like Fiverr, UdemyEtsyEnvatoMarket or any other site where you can offer a product or service that is related to the niche of your blog is where you need to go to find customers.



If you make a product or service that you can sell, you can draw customers in from marketplaces by also including a free giveaway with every order that includes a link back to your blog.


Once you get users back to your blog, make sure that you have another products that you can sell them on your site.


For example of some ideas for products and services to sell or giveaway on the marketplace, consider these:


  • If you run a freelancing blog, write an eBook on how to do tasks online more efficiently.
  • If you run a finance blog, you could create a budgeting plan for readers and sell it.
  • If run a relationship blog, you could offer one-on-one advice on various relationship issues via Skype.
  • If you run a health blog, create a cookbook or 30-day diet plan for readers.
  • If you run a fashion blog, create an ebook with your best tips for dressing for the current season and offer personalized fashion advice as an additional paid service.


Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you turn your product or service that you sell into some huge launch. You can simply sell something that you already know how to do from a hobby that you involve yourself in already or a skill that you learned while working at a job.


Bonus Tip: 

Make sure that you also make your user names on each marketplace the same as the name of your blog or website and fill out any profile information that will allow you to link back to your website.


Step #4: Affiliate, Affiliate, Affiliate Your Blog!


Now that you have a full strategy to get people back to your blog, you need to include affiliate offers in your posts. This is another way to monetize your blog so that you can get sales from people who might not be interested in the products that you’ve created.


In addition to affiliate offers in your posts, set up a banner rotator on the sidebar that also rotates the banners of top affiliate offers. This will help you to get sales and it will also attract people who will want to advertise on your blog as it grows.


You should also make sure that you join a wide variety of affiliate programs. Don’t only join ones that are in your niche. Also join the affiliate programs for the tools that you use to run your online business. A great way to get access to a bunch of affiliate programs without having to apply to each one is by joining VigLink or Sharesale.




When you don’t have a large budget to start a blog and you also don’t know how long it’s going to take you to start generating some income, you have to get creative. This post only covers a few ways to jumpstart your blog. With the entire internet at your fingertips, you can work on this bit by bit on your own or hire freelancers to get it done. It worked for me and you can make it work for you. Good luck with your new blog!

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