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LeadsLeap Review: 3 Ways to Get Traffic

Today, I want to tell you about a program called LeadsLeap. It’s a traffic exchange, PPC-like advertising network, referral builder, and link tracker all in one!


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I’m not going to go over all of the features here. I’m just going to cover the traffic methods. You can use it to get traffic in the following ways:


Method 1: Free Credit Traffic


Set up your credit ads by clicking on “My Credit Ads” under Advertising, then surf by clicking on Member Recommendations… to earn instant credits and clicks on your ads.


LeadsLeap offers a system that guarantees you better quality views then almost all traffic exchanges because it only credits you for clicks if the page is active in your browser. That means that people can’t earn clicks by clicking on ads and then letting the page go into the background while they do something else.


Method 2: Refer New Members


At LeadsLeap, you can get credits for referring members. You’ll get 5% of every person’s credits that you refer. LeadsLeap referrals go 10 levels deep and after you refer a certain number of new members, you’ll get from 5-20% of each referral’s credits on 10 levels + spillover level for Pro Members.


LeadsLeap traffic converts best with your favorite network marketing programs, software, traffic exchanges, and basically any program related to making money online.


Method 3: Text Ad Widget


LeadsLeap offers an Adwords/Adsense like system where your credit ads will be shown on any site where a LeadsLeap member has installed the LeadsLeap widget. Unlike Google’s programs, LeadsLeap members don’t pay per click so if you upgrade to the Pro for $27 (discounted to $19 for new members), your ads will be shown continuously across the web.


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For free members, you can earn credits to your LeadsLeap ads by clicking on these text ads anywhere you see them posted around the web. You can also create an ad a widget to your own website to earn clicks. I’ve mostly noticed the ads on make money online blogs and traffic exchanges and I click whenever I see them.


So as you can see this system is very powerful for both free and paid members. Also unlike other systems where only the paid members benefit, free members have access to almost every feature of the system.


To learn more about all of the features that LeadsLeap has to offer and to sign up, click on the link below:


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