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New to Affiliate Marketing? Here’s What’s Making Money in 2019

Everyone wants to make money online. Where should a newbie start? First off, all legitimate affiliate programs make money. For this post I want to focus on what’s hot in the industry.


Here’s a brief overview of what’s making money in 2019.


Health and Fitness


Health and fitness is the biggest industry in the world. If you’re not suffering from a medical condition, you’re probably focused on maintaining or improving your health, your appearance, and your well-being.


That is why this niche is a massive goldmine for affiliate marketers. The best way to get in on the actual is to select a sub-niche and pick offers that can be laser targeted to your audience.


Here are some evergreen, health and fitness niches:


1. Weight Loss – These days people all over the world are struggling with obesity. Even for those who are in shape, they are always looking for ways to get that model-perfect body.


2. Weight Gain – On the other hand, there are people who struggle with maintaining their weight due to illness. They are more than willing to pay a lot of money for diets and supplements that will allow them to gain some extra pounds.


3. Muscle Building – This one is huge. Young people and even seniors are getting into bodybuilding. It seems that having a muscular physique is the latest craze. has a great line of muscle building products that people seem to love.


4. Diet – These days, people don’t diet just the lose weight. They do it to improve their digestion, stop symptoms of chronic diseases, and a ton of other reasons.


5. Nutrition – People are getting pickier about the foods that they eat. Meal delivery plans, like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, are really hot these days and pay high commissions.


6. Male Enhancement – It’s no surprise that guys are obsessed with size even if some won’t admit it. So if you’re going to promote adult dating affiliate programs, male enhancement affiliate programs are a good companion to these offers that will definitely pay off.


Make Money Online


Making money online is something that almost everyone wants to do. With it becoming harder and harder to find well-paying jobs, many people are looking to supplement their income or switch to an online business as their primary way of earning money.


A great way for you to earn money is to show them how to do it, which is exactly what I’m doing with my blog. So here are some ideas for niches to promote:


1. Ecommerce – Amazon and AliExpress are the hottest ecommerce sites today. If you want to start an Amazon FBA or AliExpress dropshipping business, why not share your tips with others on how to do it. Shopify is also a very popular site for selling products online that you can promote as an affiliate.


2. Surveys – There are a ton of survey sites out there. Many people like taking surveys because they are easy to complete and offer fast payouts. If you are in the U.S., you can review top-paying survey sites, like Prolific and Qmee. Survey portals, like PrizeRebel and Earnably, also pay for referrals and offer ways to earn passive income by watching videos.


3. Online Jobs – When people think of online jobs, many people think of freelancing jobs, such as transcription, writing, call center jobs, and other opportunities. You can create a blog dedicated to this niche and vet opportunities for people who want to earn online. One affiliate program you can promote is Fiverr Success Course which shows you how to make money by creating Fiverr gigs.


4. Web Design – If you have experience as a web designer or programmer, you can introduce people to the concepts of being websites for profit. Teach them how to create their own websites and then monetize them or flip them for profit.


5. Two-tier Affiliate Programs and MLM Programs – You can create a blog that shows people how to succeed in specific MLM programs. By sharing your journey, you can connect with others that might be interested in building a business in that program and grow your downline. Some affiliate programs, called two-tier affiliate programs, like ClickFunnels also pay you for the commissions that your affiliates earn so you can consider promoting two-tier affiliate programs as well.




This might seem silly, but dating is actually a great way to make money online because everyone experiences love problems. Many of them are looking for solutions to improve their chances at love or get their relationships back.


So here are some options that are in big demand:


1. How to Get Your Ex Back – I can’t believe that there are people who would waste time going after an ex, knowing that there were real reasons why the relationship didn’t work. But, that’s not your problem. There are a ton of products that you can find online to promote to target this audience.


2. How to Save A Marriage – With divorce rates at an all-time high, many people are looking for solutions to help them get their marriages back on track. If you feel that you can do something to help them, then this is an area that you might do well in.


3. Adult Dating – This already is huge. There are many people out there who are looking to explore their fantasies. Do some research on this. If you’re looking for a good network to help you monetize your adult dating site, try JuicyAds or ExoClick. These are huge networks where you can both advertise and monetize your site.




This post demonstrates that you don’t have to copy an idea for building an online business, especially if it is something that doesn’t interest you at all. There’s so many ways to earn money online, the possibilities are nearly endless. In fact, I recommend focusing on what you have the most experience already.


You can discover other profitable affiliate niches by using Google Trends, conducting market research, reading top online business blogs, and looking at the top selling products on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.


In a future post, I will publish more about how to do niche research but going with your passion is definitely the best way to see results.


What are you making money with in 2019? Share your ideas below!

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Comments (4)

  • Great tips. In 2018 I’m getting into affiliate marketing because my goal this year is to be financially independent. The most complicated part of affiliate marketing aside from getting traffic is choosing a niche. Your choice of niche, in my opinion, makes the difference between success and failure. I’m passionate about healthcare and fitness, so I’m definitely picking this. However, because of how broad this niche is, it’s not easy to choose products to promote.

    • Hi jaymish, I recommend that you choose your niche for your website based on your passion not based on what products you can promote. Don’t forget that you don’t only have to use affiliate marketing to make money on your website. Check out my other recommendations here: 5 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Website

  • All these niches are very popular and it’s tempting to jump in and start affiliate marketing in one or other of them. But if there are so many doesn’t that make it harder because the competition is greater? I’d love to start an affiliate marketing website but I’m stalled at this first stage of choosing what to market.

    Shane says to go with what we’re passionate about, but what I passionate about are also flooded in the affiliate field. I love to knit, for example. And I go hiking a lot at weekends. Maybe I should look into these areas of personal interest as potential niches?

    • Absolutely. It’s a good idea to start with what your passionate about. Again don’t forget that you don’t have to only make money from affiliate marketing on your website. There are a ton of other ways that you can monetize your website.

      Check out my post here: 5 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Website for more ideas.

      When you launch your website, please come back and share it with the community. Thanks for your comment!

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