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Million Leads For Free Review: Over 1 Million Double Opt-in Leads

Today, I want to share another tip for getting traffic that involves a site called Million Leads For Free.


Click the link to check it out now:



Million Leads For Free has over 4 million members and you can message 5,000 people each day for free. This is the only site I’ve every come across with millions of members who are actually active.


They record the percentage of members who have logged in each day on the site home page and it’s always upwards of 30-40%. The site also offers a number of upgrades including the ability to direct to your website when users click your links and solo ads.


You can also purchase leads and reach the site subscribers directly to pitch your programs. Although it looks like a safelist on the surface, this service offers much more than that. It is also offers a nice user interface without the annoying icon click buttons that you’ll find on other safelists.


So check it out before they raise the prices on their premium services.


Get started today for free:


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