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Picoworkers Review: Use This Site to Get Instant Referrals

Today, in this Picoworkers review I’m going to show you how to get real referrals almost instantly!

We’re going to use a site called Picoworkers.

Picoworkers is a site where you can submit small jobs for people to complete, such as signing up for your website or program.


Step 1: Sign Up Process


To start, go to the link below and create your account:



Make sure to enter your real name and a valid email address if you want to earn money as an affiliate later on.

Once you’ve completed the signup process, a $0.75 signup bonus will be added to your account.


Step 2: How to Start a Small Job


Now we’re going to use the free $0.75 signup bonus to create a new job. Go to the navigation menu at the top and click on “My Jobs.”


Then click “+Start a new “Small Job”” to create a task that you would like workers to complete. To get people to do your task, I recommend paying 10-20 cents per task.


You don’t want to set the task rate so low that people don’t want to do the job and you don’t want to set it so high that you can’t make money. Then just use your job to get people to sign up to a program that pays you for every new referral.


Final Tips


Although the goal of this is to just get the money from referring people, you can get active users for your site in the process. It’s really a numbers game, which means the more people you sign up, the more active users you’ll get for your program over time.


If you’re ready to get started, sign up for Picoworkers now:


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