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RankHijack, RankHijack review

RankHijack Review: You’ve NEVER Seen Traffic Like This

Today I want to take a look at a massive piece of software that is changing the way that SEO is being done, period. Now you already know that the easiest way to convert traffic into sales – in ANY market – is to put your offers in front of people looking for a specific solution.


NOT with paid ads that try to convince people why they need something…


But simply by presenting solutions to people that are looking for them. Thanks to the power of online search engines, it’s now easier than ever to find people that want to buy what you’re selling. But how do you get that free traffic, when the engines are dominated by authority websites with massive credibility?


>> Enter RankHijack:


How It Helps You Rank in the Search Engines


RankHijack does what is called ‘Parasite SEO’ and it levels the playing field for us… Put simply this is when you setup a page on one of these high authority sites with your own content to rank and grab the traffic for yourself.


rankhijack inside, rankhijack software
A look inside RankHijack


These kind of sites want and need your content, so it’s perfectly legitimate and you’re not going to get slapped by google for doing this. The obvious example of this in action is YouTube…


It consists entirely of content added by users, so if you are a video marketer using YouTube to rank your videos, then you are already using parasite SEO. The important point here is that YouTube isn’t the only one…


In fact there are LOTS of other high authority sites that you can use to rank your content in the same way, taking advantage of their domain authority to generate traffic for your benefit, you just need a way of finding them, which is exactly what this new SaaS does for you.


SEO isn’t what it used to be, Google now favors the big sites with “Rank Authority”, but you can use this to your benefit…


How to Use RankHijack


RankHijack is all about making SEO simple again, boiling it down to a few simple steps:


1. Use this new App to find an opportunity in your niche

2. Download the content & Re-write it better than before

3. Upload the new content to the same authority site as the original

4. Point some backlinks at it [there’s tutorials on how to do this included]


The result: a perfect 10 for traffic -> Outrank the original and grab all that free traffic for yourself! When your offers hit the top of the search engine charts, you get all the free traffic you can handle…


And it doesn’t cost a dime.


Buyers on tap WITHOUT paying for ads?


You’ve got to check this out:

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