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RevenueHits Review: Make Money With This Adsense Alternative for Publishers

If you’re looking for an Adsense alternative to monetize your blog, you may have come across RevenueHits. Here is a quick review of RevenueHits and how it can help you make money blogging.


RevenueHits Review


As you probably already know, Google Adsense can be fairly picky about the type of content that it wants to monetize.


In addition, since I was building a new site at the time, I was also looking for a way to start generating revenue from my site without having tons of traffic. Here is my take on this ad network.


What Is RevenueHits?


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RevenueHits is owned and operated by Intango, Ltd. Established in 2008, the Israeli-based company has remained dedicated to its mission as a pro-publisher network.


RevenueHits is unlike other advertising networks because it is performance-based and CPA-based. As a CPA based advertising network, it currently pays an CPM rate of $1.90 in the USA, $1.70 in Canada, $2.80 in UAE, and $0.30 for Philippines traffic. so that you can earn money from each hit to your website.


The best part is it doesn’t matter what type of blog you have. RevenueHits is also Geo Targeted and a Contextual Ad Network, which means that it will show your audience ads based on the type of traffic that your blog attracts.


RevenueHits Account Approval


Setting up your RevenueHits account is very easy. You’ll only need to go to the site and register as an publisher.


You’ll then be sent a verification email so that you can log into your account. Approval at RevenueHits is instant so you can start making money in just a few minutes after you install the ad scripts on your blog.


How to Install RevenueHits on Your Blog


Once you log into the RevenueHits dashboard, you’ll be able to select your preferred ad types to install on your blog. Out of all ad formats, I recommend that you use the popunders because this is what this ad nework is most well known for.


revenuehits, ad placements, ad types

Other placement options include:

  • Banner
  • Floating Banner
  • Shadow Box
  • Slider 158×21
  • Button Footer
  • Interstitial
  • Topbar


After you select the placement type, you’ll then need to fill in some basic information about the ad which tells advertisers where it appears on your blog for better targeting. Then click ‘Save’ and you’ll be provided with the code to place the ad on your site.


For banners, place the ad code in your theme template where you want the banner to appear. For other ad placement types, you can just insert the ad code before the </body> tag on your page.


Make sure to test the ad code to see that it displays properly on your site on both mobile and desktop.


What Types of Sites Can Earn the Most From RevenueHits?


Monetize your blog with RevenueHits. However, if you want to know what types of sites outperform with this ad network, I recommend installing RevenueHits on an entertainment blog or streaming site. If your site is related to music, movies, videos or file downloads, then RevenueHits is an option that you should definitely consider.


As a performance-based ad network that also uses the Cost per Action (CPA) model in order to pay publishers, RevenueHits is ideal for monetizing many types of online assets including apps, toolbars, search, and widgets that receive desktop or mobile Tier 1 traffic.


RevenueHits Publisher Information


Traffic Minimum: None

Publisher Language Requirement: None

Implementation Technology: HTML, JavaScript

Mobile Ad Units Available: Yes

Publisher Prohibited Content: RevenueHits prohibits publishers from monetizing adult content, harassment, illegal products such as illegal firearms, hate speech. Blackhat navigation techniques such as redirection, forced clicks, spam emails, are also prohibited per their terms of service.

Instant Approval on Sign Up: Yes

Minimum Payout: $20 for PayPal and Payoneer, $500 for wire payment


RevenueHits Support


RevenueHits offers a FAQ portal so that you can get answers to common questions right away. If you need additional help, just send an email to support and you can expect a response in 1 business day or less.


Would I Recommend RevenueHits?


Absolutely. The network pays out on time, it’s easy to install ad placements, and it accepts all kinds of traffic. For publishers, this is a win-win situation.


RevenueHits Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


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