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TraffUp Review: Boost Your Social Media Follower Count

I’m back with another powerful traffic website that you can use to get more traffic. It’s called TraffUp and it not only delivers website visitors but can also be used to boost your social media followers.


Get views directly to your website or promote your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube accounts to get free followers.


Click the link below to join for free:



Here are the steps to get started with generating traffic after you create your account.


1. Setup Your Websites


After you’ve created your account, add the websites, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts that you’d like to promote. You can even promote individual tweets, posts, and videos in addition to your websites.


2. Earn Points


Once you’ve finished setting up the content that you want to promote, go to the ‘Websites’ tab and click on the links to view other people’s websites. Although the timer is longer at 15 seconds, you can load some of your other traffic sites to click while you use TraffUp to past the time.


My favorite way to earn points on this site is by clicking on TraffUp websites while I’m reading something or watching a video in another window to make things go a bit faster.


If you do it daily, you’ll get hundreds of visits to your website and social media profiles. This site also has a lot of tier 1 traffic so you can expect to see visits to your site from the US, Canada, Australia, and UK from time to time.


3. Refer Members for Points and Cash


TraffUp also offers 3 levels of referral earnings. Earn points and cash by growing your downline. If you want a powerful source of real traffic to your website, join now.


Click the link below to signup:


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