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Traffic exchanges

Tutorial: How to Advertise on Hundreds of Traffic Exchanges for Free

Today, I’m going to show you how to advertise your programs on thousands of traffic exchanges for free!


Many people don’t believe in the power of traffic exchanges because they aren’t maximizing their  results by only using single traffic exchanges.


By using traffic exchange coops, you can have your program ads shown on thousands of sites and you only have to promote one link.


Here are my top recommendations for traffic exchange coops to join that offer these benefits:


Viral TE Co-Op (Allows Geo-targeting)


Legacy Team Coop


Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar


TrafficG (Allows Geo-targeting + 5 Referral Levels)


So how do you get credits for these traffic exchange coops without spending money on credits?


It’s easy!


Find a traffic exchange that allows you to promote your coop link and also has a very short timer.


You2Surf has the shortest timer of any traffic exchange at just 8 SECONDS for Free and 4 SECONDS for Paid Members!


Just sign up and add your coop links and start surfing.


You’ll earn a 0.33 credits per click as a free member.


Upgrade and earn up to 1.2 credit per click.


Join Now:


Then build your downlines in the traffic exchange coops, as well as You2Surf, and you’ll get traffic on AUTO-PILOT for life!


So just to recap so that everything is clear:


Step #1: Join You2Surf to promote your traffic exchange COOP links (this is the link that gives you credits on the traffic exchange coop when you promote it).


Step #2: Add your program links to the traffic exchange coop (these are the actual money-making programs that you want to promote or your signup pages).


Step #3: Auto-assign your credits so that you are getting traffic immediately while surfing.


Step #4: Surf at You2Surf to build up credits in the traffic exchange coops (or upgrade so that you don’t have to surf).


Step #5: Watch traffic pour in from thousands of advertising sources thanks to the TE coops.


Bonus Tip #1


Boost your points and hits on Traffic Ad Bar by adding your Traffic Ad Bar links to 247AutoHits. This is an autosurf traffic exchange which will bring you traffic automatically by just leaving the surf tab open in your browser.


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Unlike other autosurf traffic exchanges 247AutoHits will also pay you 50% cash commissions for member upgrades so you’ll get traffic and commissions from your downline on this site.



Bonus Tip #2


After you join 247AutoHits, you can also earn credits on ClickVoyager manual traffic exchange automatically simply by promoting any of your ClickVoyager referral links on 247AutoHits. Promoting your ClickVoyager referral link anywhere earns you CV League Points which you can exchange for traffic exchange credits here:


Go to ‘Games & Contests’, then click ‘CV League’ and scroll to the bottom of the screen where you’ll see a button that says ‘Trade Points.’ Enter the points you want to trade as they accumulate for credits.


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