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Where Can You Post Affiliate Links?

Ever wonder where you can post your affiliate links without it being considered spamming? The answer is on forums. By joining forums related to your niche, you can get all of the free traffic that you can handle.


However, using this method means that you also have to take some steps to make sure that you don’t get your account blocked or your IP banned. That means actually contributing valuable content that other people want to read and respond to.


It also means that you should spread out your postings. Posting a few times per week per forum site is more than enough.


To share your links, post them in the signature of your forum profile once you’re allowed to do so. Never post affiliate links in your forum post content because that will get you banned on most forums.


As to the helpful content that you can post, write articles and post them. You can also respond to questions that others pose on the forum or write your own questions.


By doing this on a regular basis, you’ll start to see clicks from other forum members to your site, as well as, hits from the people who read forums but don’t have accounts on the forum.


Another added bonus of posting forum content is that forums rank in the search engines. So for popular forum posts, you could potentially get a lot of organic traffic to your links.

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  • It’s true that this method can be highly effective but remember to keep it somewhat subtle as well as some forums don’t take kindly to link spam. As well as contributing to other posts you should remember to fill your profile out and try to become part of the community.

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